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Since in the 3rd Dimension, authority over your own life is perceived to be outside of you. As such, you have been programmed to feel that there is something wrong with you. Furthermore, you have been imprinted not to trust your own guidance.  However, in the 5th Dimension, as a sovereign being, the authority is perceived to be inside of you.


With this in mind, my healing work will complete at the end of 2022.  The Guides gave me The Emergence Packet to offer through 2022 as a way to support those wishing to complete their healing in this preferred timeline. 


“There are not enough words to describe the depth of this most amazing series of clearings that Aimee is offering as her last parting gift to all that receive it. My own experience is I am enjoying the deepest peace and expansiveness I have ever known....all worry, distrust, and free-floating anxiety are gone. I am forever grateful for the healings she has offered me and this last package is well worth the investment to Yourself!!  Thank you, thank you, Aimee!!”


Cynthia Hollins

Spiritual Energy Healer

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