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People & Products That I Use and Trust

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Megan Murphy

Backyard Beauty Flower Farm & Art Studio

Megan is a channel, scientist, crafter of plant medicines, and farmer of perennial plants. Her work integrates these gifts to support individuals in healing and nourishing their gut biomes - the primary driver of our well-being. 



Mariah Lander

Blue Avocado Design

I believe the designer's work should be invisible, or at least transparent. When the viewer is focused and feels a sense of flow throughout the layout, then the design(er) has succeeded.


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Jenn Flaa

The Bird Commission

Online Training & Online Business Solutions

The training you didn't get in school, in short, fun segments. Plus the help you need to make your online business more efficient - from websites to scheduling & payment tools and elearning tool & sites.


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Santana Daluz

The Minister of Magin

As the Minister of Magic, Santana is overjoyed to share with you the healing vibrations of finely tuned 432 Hertz crystal singing bowls! On this musical, healing, energetic journey you can expect to experience, at minimum, a deeper quality of relaxation and greater sense of connection to feelings of energetic flow and openness, to the easing of pain and liberation from fear and guilt. All of this has potential for facilitating change throughout one’s whole being.

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Lisa Marie Mansfield

Healing Support

Lisa specializes in grief support, trauma healing and spiritual guidance. She offers a free 30 minute opportunity to share, ask questions and discover whether working with her is the right fit.

Jan Jorgensen

Sound & Light Healing Arts

Jan Jorgensen is a Visionary Messenger with a specialty in the Human Voice. With degrees in Nursing, Political Science and an Omnium, Therapeutic singing graduate she weaves together science and spiritual initiatives to further the expansion of our personal and collective consciousness. Jan lives in Olympia WA and sees clients on zoom and in-person in Port Townsend and Olympia f or Sound Attunement, Voice Release and Voice Bio and Portacle Programs.

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