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Supporting Your Self Care

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In just 7 breaths, you will fill every cell of your body with the highest frequency available on earth, expand it around you strengthening your energy field, and surround it with discernment and protection.


When you are grounded and centered you are trustworthy, reliable and responsive. You are also automatically connected to all of your resources: intuition, feelings, intellect and natural body strength and innate body wisdom.



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  2. Full Process

  3. Short Version

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The Sacred Intimacy Series

Level 1: Create Harmony in Yourself & Your Relationship

Level 2: Discover a New Ecstasy

Level 3: Heal from Abuse

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Aimee's Short Cut Tarot

If you've worked with Aimee you've seen her quickly interpret the tarot.  In this online course:

  • Learn her short cut method

  • The meanings of the cards

  • How to use the cards to clear cords

  • And more!

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The Celebrating Emergence Community

As we all continue the shift away from a life based in the 3rd dimension, it occurs to me that many of us could benefit from having a place where we could practice the 5th dimensional behaviors, in safety, and in way that would accelerate our progress.

The past several years have left many of us feeling way too isolated, and while zoom is a godsend in many ways, often we still yearn for a deeper connection…

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Long Time Coming_edited.jpg

Long Time Coming will inspire you to improve your sex life in order to take your sexual experience to the next level. Having spent decades studying sexual secrets from the Far East, Victor Gold brings ancient wisdom and modern science together to create better and more fulfilling sex lives.Great sex isn't about performing, doing it right, or being perfect. Great sex is about the connection and energy you share with your partner.

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This multi-faceted healing manual offers the collective wisdom of numerous holistic leaders. Now is the perfect time to empower your own self-care!

Open your heart and mind to expand your perception of what self-care means and how that extends to the world around you. We invite you to take the first steps to embodying the very best you and to journal your way into your own self-healing for a better world.

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