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The Journey is Even Better When We Take it Together …

Community is critical to your overall wellbeing but not every community will do … Have you noticed how much you are changing and evolving?  Does your current community reflect your current set of desires and intentions?

As we all continue the shift away from a life based in the 3rd dimension, it occurs to me that many of us could benefit from having a place where we could practice the 5th dimensional behaviors, in safety, and in way that would accelerate our progress.


The past several years have left many of us feeling way too isolated, and while zoom is a godsend in many ways, often we still yearn for a deeper connection


In addition to exploring topics of interest to the group, in ways that allow you to go deeper into the subject matter and share your findings with each other, slow down, practice the language  of 5D and experience the oneness of the 5th dimensional energy, there’s several value-adds:

  • Sharing the astrological influences of the month ahead

  • Opportunities to tune in to your own guidance, facilitated by my own team of 12 Ascended Master Guides

  • Participate in a powerful meditation designed not only to upgrade the quality of your own energy field but also to be used for the higher good of all.


This will be a community where:

  •  There is no ‘leader’ or ‘teacher’ as we are all leaders and teachers.

  • No one person’s voice takes over the space, instead every person’s voice is heard.

  • We practice conscious presence.

  • We feel the nourishment of being in an aligned community: both masculine and feminine.

  • We can relax, slow down, listen to myself as well as to each other and feel safe.   

  • We explore what’s bubbling up in each of us, topic by topic, with curiosity and no judgment.

  • We hold each other in sacred space, believe in one another’s successful emergence

  • and not try and “fix” each other.

  • We use our collective energy in meditation to benefit oneself and the greater good of all.

  • We have fun!

This is for you if you are wanting a space to:

  • Practice Conscious Presence

  • Contribute; feel seen and heard; everyone’s voice is important

  • Slow down

  • Have fun!

  • Feel the nourishment of being in an aligned community: both male and female

  • Explore different topics proffered by the group with curiosity and no judgment

  • Not try and “fix” each other

  • Feel safe

  • Meditate in a way that benefits you and the world

  • Believe in one another’s successful emergence

This is NOT for you if you are wanting a space to:


  • Network your business

  • Multitask while on the call

  • Be in the past or the future

Celebrating Emergence Community

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month
12 Noon – 1:30 PM Pacific Time
Via Zoom
Investment: $33/mo

As Grace Lee Boggs said so beautifully,

“Building community is to the collective as spiritual practice is to the individual.”

About Aimée

Aimée has been leading and co-leading community events for more than a decade.  As a former senior consultant for an international training company, and former partner in a multi-media company, she designed, delivered training programs of every kind.  She is an acclaimed coach, mentor, and facilitator.  Now, with the needs of the time, her 12 Ascended Master Guides have encouraged her to focus on hosting rather than leading.  Hosting recognizes that we always learn as much from each other as from a “teacher.”




“Aimée is a wonderful intuitive channel and healer.  Her warmth and compassion make her a delight to work with.”                 

Dr Sandra Camacho, Auric Field Consultant


“Aimée is a gracious and generous way-shower.  She carries within her the radiance and love that invites the highest universal energies to pour through her in all she does.  Her work shines radiantly and reaches into the soul.”          

Leiah Bowden, Lightspeak Transformational Arts


“Aimée provides clarity, support and practical insight gleaned through her deep, powerful intuition and connection to her spirit guides."                     

Robert Adamich DC, Chiropractic


“Aimée is a compassionate wise woman with many years of experience in supporting people’s growth and awareness.  She has a wealth of knowledge.  I recommend her highly.”     

Carol Lorraine, Blossom into your own Beauty


“Aimée (and her guides) are pure magic!”

Mark Bonchek, SHIFT Thinking

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