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Your cultural, parental, and ancestral programming and imprinting were designed to promote workaholism and consumerism by instilling in you a belief that you are flawed.  Furthermore, this imprinting ensures that you are controllable. 


You have been taught to  believe that others are better than you, more good-looking, more intelligent, have better access to guidance than you, and that you must prove yourself, fit in, obey outer authority, and not rock the boat. 


You’ve spent years of your life on the “hamster wheel” seeking status through your accomplishments and your possessions only to find it’s never enough! The more you have, the more you want and the more you need to work around the clock to support a lifestyle that allows little time for what really matters …

At this time on Earth,  you are waking up at last!  The energetic frequency on Earth is upgrading from the 3rd Dimension, through the 4th Dimension and stabilizing in the 5th Dimension. 


In many circles, this is called, The Shift of the Ages.  This is the backdrop for your life on Earth.  You were born in the 3rd Dimension, a frequency of duality, separation and one in which we kept dragging the past into the present and recreating a future based on the past! It has fostered “me versus you thinking” that morphed into 1% of the population holding more assets than the remaining 99%. 


To ascend, you need to relinquish attachment to the old ways of doing, to your outdated and erroneous beliefs and habits that constantly distract you from being and keep you stuck.


To ascend, you need to cross the 4th dimensional bridge by increasing your ability to stay in the present.  Then, little by little, you will start having experiences of the 5th dimension that is characterized by Oneness, and reverence for all Divine Beings. It’s a life like no other, since it’s never been possible on the earth Plane before…

This is why you are here; what you were born for.
This is why you are here; what you were born for.

As you release all that is not you, you begin to realize that there is nothing wrong with you.  You do not need to be fixed! Only the layers of programming, wounding, and imprinting must be removed to reveal your innate beauty, sovereignty, and Divinity.


And here is some news that many of you will be thrilled to hear… If you resonate with the term, Light Worker or Light Being, 2022 is the last year you need to devote to your healing work.  It’s time to simply live your life, radiate your love, light, and joy…


The new energy coming in no longer supports over-working, and no longer supports you prioritizing mind over body.  For the first time on Earth, you will be ascending in a “Light Body” designed to be sustainable in the 5th Dimension.


It’s time for the body to run the show of your life: it needs more rest, more play, pure water, and higher vibrational foods.

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