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Funraiser for Granny Ginny

February 12, 2022
1:00-3:00 pst on Zoom

Please Help Granny Ginny

One of the hardest things to do in life is to ask for help. Granny Ginny is the mother & grandmother of our community members Karen & Mel. The trust fund to support Granny Ginny in her care home has been exhausted and we are looking for help to pay the facility through March.

20 wonderful & generous ladies in our community have donated products and services to be raffled off in a fun filled 2 hour event.  100% of the proceeds will go to Granny Ginny's care home.

Meet Granny Ginny

Granny Ginny, now 96 years old, was an active artist and gardener until she developed dementia and went blind.  Click play; she's singing a little song for you.

Granny Ginny Singing

Granny Ginny Singing

Play Video

The Power of Love & Community

Let's come together to help make Karen & Mel's dream come true - to give Granny Ginny peace & continuity of care in a safe and trusted place in her final days.

You can help by:

Buying a Raffle Ticket

Donating via GoFundMe

Share this event with your friends

Buy Raffle Tix

The Funraiser Event & Prizes!

In this 2 hour event Aimee and her guests will talk about the power of love and what it means to be in community in a 5D world.

Come for the topic - stay for the raffle

Come for the raffle - enjoy the topic

List of Sponsors & Prizes in order of raffle draw

1:00 - 1:30


EFT & Matrix Reimprinting 90-minute customized session

Uplifting Guided Visualization via Zoom or pre-recorded

60-minute Soul Speak session with vibrational attunement

Relationship Clarity (2) 60-minute Sessions. You will be guided to describer who you are becoming through your birth chart. Then we will combine you & your partner's birth charts to reveal your connection for clarity surrounding what is going on with your relationship. Guiding you to confident clarity of your purpose together.

1-hour Sound Healing Session plus a selection of three Aromatherapy Sprays







1:30 - 2:00


Emergence 3-Session Packet of 90-minute sessions

Gift certificate for 1-hour Intuitive Tarot Reading & Energy Work

45-minute testing & allergy relief session

Home Study Course for Speakers + 3 months of weekly coaching to craft a soul's message that converts

Money Insight Breakthrough Call







2:00 - 2:30


Radio ad on "Soulutionary Sundays" 85k listeners, hosted on ABC Talk. Coaching, music, co-creative script writing & ownership of your ad to re-use.

90-minute Leaders Beyond Limits Intuitive Reading

1 Session - Medical QiJong Therapy Offering

6 Sessions - Medical QiJong Therapy Offering

Granny Ginny's art printed on tote - set of 3
Granny Ginny's art on scarf

1-hour SOUL Reading via Zoom plus the 28-day
SOUL's Journey online program.









2:30 - 3:00


Channeled Psychic Reading or Spiritual Counseling/Coaching session

Free registration to Jill's Publicity Course

Free annual registration in Jill's Kindness Circle

3-day weekend in exquisite Portland AirBNB & a waltz lesson

AirBNB: Charming Home, Studio Bedroom, Studio w Kitchenette

A 3-Month, 6-Session Business Coaching







Funraiser Prizes

Funraiser FAQ

Do I have to be present (on the Zoom event call) to win?

     No.  Karen & Mel will contact the winners via email.

Can I buy raffle tickets during the event?

     Yes, but only until 2:30.

Can I buy raffle tickets just for 1 item?


Does all the money go to Granny Ginny?

     Yes, except for the fee that Paypal charges.

What is Wags & Cheers?

     This is Karen & Mel's Paypal account. 
     They manage Granny Ginny's expenses.

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