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In November of 2021, my body went on strike! It simply refused to fuel me with the “get up and go’ energy that I had relied upon in my corporate career as an Executive in Fortune 500 companies and then as a successful entrepreneur of spiritual and metaphysical businesses.

In my work, I channel the wisdom and healing energy of 12 Ascended Master Guides through my words and my hands, so I asked them what was going on. They told me that I had completed my sojourn at the ‘push’ frequency level of pressure, goal setting, rushing, and endless to-do lists. This explained why I simply could not do anything the old way; marketing, advertising, teaching, facilitating, and so on. I didn’t even want to be called a Consciousness Leader anymore, as we’re headed into a frequency where we are all leaders and all equal. The strike also extended into my personal life. In spite of the myriad of tasks mounting up, I simply could not get my body to do them!

My body needed deep rest and relaxation to integrate my higher level of frequency. I eventually learned to stop resisting, and to even enjoy this period of enforced respite, recognizing how hard I’ve worked for so long without ever taking a sabbatical or a longer break than 3 weeks. My body deserved time to restore. It’s good that I stopped fighting it, as it took no less than nine whole months!

Miraculously, rather than being an infertile spell, it was one of the richest times in my life. My guides advised me to reduce my work week to just two days of working with clients. They downloaded a new Emergence Package of sessions that would complete the healing agenda for my clients by identifying and clearing their deepest karmic wounding, challenges to fulfilling their purpose and bringing all of their wounded former selves back into wholeness. Amazingly, I earned just as much money in two days per week as I had from working five or more days! The Guides fueled my energy allowing me to do this work in exalted energy that did not tire me.

One by one, solutions to my issues started arriving:

  • A new way of Hosting which asserts that the purpose of the endeavor is the leader. Thanks to Beyond Facilitation: Mastering the Fourfold Practice offered by The World Cafe

  • A tapping class that also ensured the colors of your aura were aligned with your intent, ostensibly offered for weight loss but I saw how it could potentially help me find a way of eating that would finally eliminate my digestive issues and it did! I began an Ayurvedic eating plan that not only solved my digestive issues but eliminated food cravings in just three days, never to return. I learned that a treat is not a treat when it attacks or undermines my wellness or finances! Also, that when you feed your body with what it truly craves for full functioning and dynamic wellness, it feels utterly satisfied. I also started losing my Covid weight slowly but surely, about one pound every two weeks. Thanks to Dr Sandra Schur

  • I engaged with a new astrologer who gave me information about myself that no-one had ever shared before! Wow! This information helped me understand and accept myself at such a deeper level, I know that I will never again dumb myself down to make others more comfortable. My own unique package of gifts, talents and influences are designed to help me fulfil my Greater Purpose and Destiny – why would I ever subordinate them for any reason? Thanks to Britnie Hurd, The Entrepreneur’s Astrologer Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Professional Psychic

  • Additionally, a dear friend and colleague stepped forward to share my Human Design with me and I learned, as a Projector, I need to be invited to share my gifts – what a powerful insight into past rejections!

  • Another tremendous gift came from a new associate who practices biofeedback. I learned that I had a heart wall, that was there to protect my heart from further abuse but also was creating a sense of isolation for me as well as compromising the functioning of my heart and my immune system. Thanks to Dr. Leigh Riley

  • And, I learned a new model of balance, the easiest yet. Think of a triangle. The base represents physical activity, the left side represents simple thinking and assimilation time, the right side represents emotional inspiration and expression time. I saw how much my body had been craving assimilation time.


All this and more cemented my understanding that when we create a space for the new to arrive it will. Refusing to do things the old way, sent a powerful message to the Universe. When it saw that I really meant it, the new solutions started rolling in. I didn’t go out to look for them – they came to me!


When my energy came back online, it was with a warning from my Guides: “Do not think you can go back to your old way of living your life and doing your work without suffering! Each day, after you have done your spiritual practices and eaten a hearty breakfast, tune into how much energy, motivation, and inspiration you are currently experiencing. Then look at what you would like to accomplish and select those tasks that light up. When you are finished with the task, rest, and refill before doing another. Some days, you will have more energy and somedays you will have less. So much of your energy these days is used by your body in converting it to a Light Body. This is your highest priority. You are learning to follow the rhythms of your body and to prioritize its needs over the needs of your mind. Up until now, your mind has “run the show” of your life. No more. Allow the Universe to partner you more than ever before; you will find everything that truly needs to be done will get done, as if by magic.”

Recently, a friend of mine commented that as we get older, we naturally slow down and don’t want to do as much as our bodies age. I reframed her sentence to reflect that as we mature, we learn to refine our energetic output by focusing on what’s most important in each moment and no longer frivolously frittering away our precious energy.

Aimée Lyndon-Adams

Emergence Mentor, Author, Speaker and Trusted Advisor.

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Karen La Puma
Karen La Puma
Nov 01, 2022

Hi Aimee, This was a powerful message. I am so glad you found your body's intelligence and its higher voice. We had a whirlwind October, are slowly removing the boxes and would love to connect with you and Victor soon. Let us know when you have some times. Please share in our Global Activations at noon on Friday for 15 minutes and if you can join us this Friday for a actual meeting at 5:30 on Zoom. I can send you the link, if you can or go to for more information. Would love to connect with you and be your friend again. Love you and send many blessings, Karen

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